Monday, September 29, 2008

Bento #50

Auto Land Biscuits, mini eclair, melon fruity pudding, hard boiled eggs, mini pancakes & baked beans.

Maisie returned home with two uneaten eggs and a few baked beans. She ate one more of the eggs and the remaining beans, as well as some additional ones, after her nap.

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Amy said...

Hi Lisa - I have enjoyed your blog and the ideas it gives me for fixing lunches for my niece.

As I was reading a news article a few minutes ago, I was immediately reminded of something I've seen in your blog.

The aricle said "Lotte Group, a major snack maker, got caught up in the storm Friday after its popular chocolate-filled Koala cookies were recalled in Hong Kong and Macau because of melamine contamination."

I don't know the brand of the creme-filled, bear-shaped cookies you include in some of your bentos, so I wanted to pass this information on to you, just in case these are the cookies that you use.

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