Friday, March 27, 2009

100th Bento Giveaway!! ~~CLOSED~~

I can't believe that I'm just three away from Maisie's 100th bento piccie!! I've so enjoyed making simple, easy, sometimes more elaborate but always fun and interesting bentos for Maisie. Seeing Maisie's tastes change and seeing her become more adventurous with food is in large part thanks to making food fun and packing bento. I love the days that she comes home from school telling me that her bento was beautiful or delicious and especially when she tells me that the other children have boring lunches and that she loves her bentos.

To celebrate Maisie's 100th bento I've decided to do a little giveaway to maybe encourage and introduce someone new to bento with a nice little starter kit or to add to the collection of a current bento packer.

So, what's the prize and how to enter??

Everything pictured above is included and it's all brand new in original wrappers. Smiley face seaweed cutter/puncher, Clickety Click triangle monkey case, rabbit & bear boiled egg molds, Clickety Click single tier monkey snack bento box, Clickety Click 2-tier monkey bento box, silicon animal cups, animal food picks, monkey lunch box belt, yellow lunch bag.

To enter for a chance to win via a random drawing:

* Leave a comment on this post which includes your email address and country.
* Post on your blog that you have entered the Maisie Eats Bento 100th Bento Giveaway with a link back to Maisie Eats Bento.

Not required but I'd love to have you become a follower of this blog. See the side bar to become a follower.

Easy peasy.

I should reach 100 bentos by the end of next week so, the giveaway contest will close on Sunday, April 5 at midnight Eastern Standard Time.

Good luck!


javapot said...

congratulations on your 100th bento. to more bento joys and satisfaction seeing your child eats the packed food! well done and look forward to more inspiring bentos postings!

spunkz said...

hi! been following your blog for a while now, silently albeit. :P

Anyway, congratulations on the 100th bento milestone~ it really feels rewarding when the bento which we prepared is being appreciated. :)

Looking forward to more of Maisie's bentos~ happy bento-ing!

spunkz, Malaysia

vaneblu said...

Congrats on your 100th Bento :)
Looking forward for more in the future :)
I live in Dominican Republic (an island in the caribbean) but I have an address in the states also, just in case ;p

geminirn said...

Wow! what a great looking give away,I love looking at your meals for great ideas.
I don't know how to link your blog from my post???????? Geeeee I can't even fiquire out how to add a new tracker on my darn blog any more????? I never had a problem before????

3lilangels said...

Hi. Congrats on the 100th Bento. It's great that Maisie's loves her bentos. Makes the effort worthwhile. Here's to the next 100 bentos.

Noticed all the Clickety Click monkey stuff. Hopefully you managed to get the monkey furikake container.

I'll post about your Giveaway, but don't include me in the Giveaway as the postage to Malaysia will be insane.

Tia said...

Congratulations On reaching 100! I have a long way to go with only 2 to my credit.

I have posted & Linked about this fantastic giveaway on my blog here

& I hail from Punxsy, PA USA

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Congrats on your impending 100! You sure make eating look fun!! Such creativity!

I am a follower!!

I live in the USA and my email is freestylemama at dianarambles dot com.

I'll go post this on my blog!

Briana's Mom said...

I'm in! Do you know my address? ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on #100! Bento is awesome!
Thanks for the chance to win some more fun bento stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 100th bento milestone!

USA firebolt7521 at yahoo dot com

Kim :) said...

Congrats on 100... I think I have looked at all of them! ;)

klsmintz @ bellsouth . com
Alabama... USA

Carolyn G said...

Congrats on your 100th post!!

Love the blog and love this giveaway!!


Michelle said...

I would love to be entered! I will do post first thing in the morning.

Lutchi said...

Congratulations on your 100 Bento!! I am so glad I stumble on your site and would really love to participate on this opportunity. I have two little boys and always admire those mommy and daddy who made bento for their little one‘s. I never made one yet but I am seriously planning to learn how to make bento lunches for my kid’s. Their fussy eater but I want them to learn how to love eating healthy; maybe a great and cool presentation like bento will do the trick.

I posted about your 100th Bento Giveaway and here is the LINK. I am subscribing too to be one of your followers.

USA is my country and is my email. Thanks and more power to your Bento making.

Emily said...

Congratulations! Yay for dedication, I hope to one day be where you are.

I live in the US and my email is

The URL is my livejournal, if you want to verify that I linked

K said...

Wow what a cool giveaway! I would love to be entered!

Anne said...

100 posts! Yay!!! Well, you know you have been my inspiration to do bento lunches - Rachel thanks you!
So... I'm in WA state (USA). I just posted about the giveaway on and my email is anne at freedombuilders dot org. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 100th bento pic post!

Nai said...

Wow, I'm only on my 3rd "bento" so far, so 100 bentos is awe-inspiring. <3 Hope for many more! Posted here. <3

My email is, aand I'm in the US. c:

Jenna said...

I love bentos and soon I want to start making them for my son. I will start reading your blog. I have always wanted to know how to start making them! They are so cute! I can't wait to look at your past blog for some hopefully great tips!

bella said...

Congratulations on your 100th Bento lunch box post. What an amazing mom you are and Mazie is so fortunate to have your lunch making skills to enjoy. count me in too.

Astrid said...

Congratulations! I have been wanting one of those square Clickety-Click boxes especially... I am inspired by your bentos!

Stacey T. said...

Ohhh, bento is so cute!!!! Thanks for the contest!! from the good 'ol USA.

jewelmaker said...

Congrats on #100. I'd l love to win some bento stuff, thanks for doing a give away.
Shani, USA

asiangarden said...

Ok! I'll enter!
I love making bentos for my kids as well!

asiangarden said...

Oh, I'm from the USA!

Snowflowers Mum said...

You had me at 'easy peasy'...I am about to be a new convert of the bento box.

I am about to do a post on my blog, and link back here.

my email is on my blog under contact country of residence is the USA, but New Zealand by citizenship(woohoo) and my girls are from China!

Love your blog!


Anonymous said...

major kudos on bento mastery ^_^... i've recently caught wind of this amazing art form... and i truly can't wait to hop it.
D510dizzle707 at
USA based :)

Niccole said...

Thank you for having a follow button. I have been having a hard time finding blogs that are updated and followable. My blog is new so I will link when I update (typically/ideally MWF)and in the meantime my email is
Cleveland, OH

Michele said...

Congrats on your 100th bento! I have enjoyed watching Maisie on her other blog and this one gives me some ideas to try at home LOL.
Michele, mom to two picky girls

Cecily said...

Congratulations on your 100th bento! :D Here's to many many more beautiful bentos in your future.
USA - Texas

Minnesotatoast said...

Hey, this is Claire from US.
Thanks for another bento website to add to my rss feed! Can't wait to read up on everything you've done! :)

Here's my link to my website:

Wandernut said...

Yay! Happy 100! :)
Been a silent stalker too. Hehe.
Thanks for the inspiration. It's such a treat to see what you make for Maisie's bentos. Makes me wish I'm a kid again with a mom like you! Yay to more yummy meals!

wandernut (malaysia)

p/s: I just touched 500 posts on my own blog *high five* :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I love reading your blog. My email is: and I'm in NJ, USA.

sarah said...

i would love to win as i'm only getting started so i don't have any bento stuff yet.
i live in Belgium (Europe)

Amaaris said...

Congrats to your 100th Bento! Everything here looks sooo delicious!

I´m wishing further happy bentoing from Germany!

Jenn Denis said...

Count me in! Greetings from Mexico City. I'll link you in my blog: and let you know. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, and thanks for organizing the contest-- I wouldn't have looked at your blog otherwise and i'm loving the ham flowers you do :-)
Steph, sismith42 at yahoo dot com (in the UK). Mentioning this also gives me a good excuse to bring up bento on my blog ;-)

Jenn Denis said...

Ok, I left my link on my blog. Hope you'll visit and leave feedback! Happy Bentos, everyone!

Betsey said...

i've been thinking of jumping on the bento bandwagon. This would be a great way to start. Congrats on the 100th bento!

Angeline said...

So cool!!!
100th Bento is definitely a number to shout "hooray"!

Jess said...

Bravo!!! congratulations on your 100th Bento...i really salute you !!! Can't wait to see your 200th bento post !!!! keep it up !!!

Jess, Malaysia

Stars said...

100 bentos, wow! Congrats and I hope Maisie enjoys it! ^^

I'm from the USA and my e-mail is

Thank you!

Emily said...

Congratulations on your impending #100! Wishing you many many more!

And your Giveaway is awesome cutesy! I am sure a mommy and kiddo out there will enjoy the fabulous haul!

kris said...

I would love to enter! I can't link back today as I JUST posted about the Kreuer family fundraiser (I post maybe once a week, go figure) who lost their daughter after 7 months home from China and are adopting again. BUT, I am happy to link back after I leave that post up for a bit- we're trying SO hard to get them the money they need :O)

I am in the US, my email is

I have never used these and have ALWAYS wanted a set!!

m. said...

Congrats on 100, and thank you for the continued inspiration!

I have linked on my family blog, and my email is ms quarte l at hot mail dot com

Not only am I in the states, but also 'local' in NW Atlanta!

Alyssa and Rob said...

Congratulations of you 100th Bento - I love getting lunch ideas - they are fun to make and my daughter has fun eating them!

Lyvvie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I love finding new bento blogs! I'm going to trawl your archives now. And thanks for the picture of the pink egg whites in the egg shaper! It was my next thing to try when I bought more eggs. Looks soooo cool!!

congrats on your 100th!

Alyson and Ford said...

Hoping to win....
I posted on my blog. (or email me from my blog)

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Six Months

I used to be a person said...

I just found your blog today thanks to Disposable Aardvarks. I'm a bento beginner, trying to learn so that my son can have cool lunches when he reaches school age. Thanks for the inspiration!

-Shelly, USA

Kiy said...

I don't even remember how I found you, but tucked you away for when we would have a need of making bentos. The need is still not there (Little Bit is not yet ready for school) but I have found myself making impromptu bentos for her and we are having such fun with them!

Oh, and I am in Washington (USA).

Cheers, Kiy

Jboo said...

Congrats on all of your succesful Bentos for Miss Maisie! You are so inspiring! Hope I win and can do a better job of packing lunches for my girl!


Carol said...

Just discovered your blog. Congrats on 100 Bentos! I'd love to enter the contest. I'm in the US.

Jill W said...

I have never heard of Bento before. I found a link to your blog from another blog. This is so cool! I think I will be a regular visitor. I will definitely be posting this on my blog! in Wisconsin, USA

visit us at

Kris said...

Congrats on 100th bento post. New follower to your blog...looks like fun! I'm going to need ideas shortly as my DD is almost 2. I live in Texas...US.

bento tigress said...

100 bentos - wow! Great job!
I'd love to enter and win this prize, cos this set would be perfect for me to start bento-ing for my son!
My email:
Country: USA

bento tigress said...

Oh, and here's my blog post.

Anonymous said...

Great competition! My email is kbenice at hotmail dot com. I come from Australia. My livejournal name is firstact.

Anonymous said...

I want to win! Love the Bento

Connie USA

Healthsnackbiz said...

Congrats on your 100th bento and much more to come!

mama2jojo said...

Congrats on 100th bento post. What a great milestone. I am sure will check back for more idea on Bento for my children.

Country: Malaysia

Divash said...

What a lovely idea! I should be numbering the bento that I make and photograph for my DH, now that so many have led by example, posting their 100th or 50th or 200th bento photo.

I'm in the USA and my email address is

T n' W said...

Cool giveaway. We'd love to enter!
We're in the USA at

Fantasy Anime Dragon said...

Congrats on your 100th! from the US.

Ani said...

wish i had a blog!!!! love following all 3 of your blogs. happy 100th post!

Anonymous said...

I'm in Tennessee in the US, and I <3 bentos! My daughter complains about what I cook a lot too, so I know the feeling. At least she's old enough now to realize why I make her eat all sorts of crazy things though. :)

And no offense, but I don't want to leave my email in public... you can comment on my lj if I win. :)

Magi said...

These are adorable. I'd love to start doing bento boxes for my daughter.

I just found your blog and look forward to catching up.

Eveline said...

100 Bento's, that's amazing!
I've only recently heard about these fun looking lunch boxes and keep telling myself I should start doing them, even though I work at home and I don't have any children to pack lunches for.

Eveline, England.
ukeveline @ blueyonder. co. uk

Eveline said...

Oh, and I just posted a blog about your giveaway:

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 100 bentos!!
Added to my LJ -

Arm70 said...

Congrats! I'm only on my 13th Bento but I'm chugging along and enjoying every minute of it!

Chrissie B said...

Thank you ever so much for helping me spark a little imagination to get my own picky eater to eat her lunch.
xoxo Chrissie B

Anonymous said...

100 bentos, awesome job! :3 I always enjoying reading your posts!

I've linked via my livejournal, although it's a locked blog.

Tammy said...



Toro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Toro said...

Thank you for the contest!

MidknytOwl said...

Congrats on 100!

My email is the above name at and I live in Las Vegas. :)

Anonymous said...

Waaa! I don't have a blog! Would you allow a post on a busy and popular vegan food message board instead? Please? I"ll leave one, just in case.

Here it is.;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread

I do bento everyday for 2 of my 3 kids (the third is a baby). My email is


Tobias said...

100? That's awesome, congrats! I'm still looking forward to #10 =P

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

I love me some Bento! My little one is almost old enough, so we need to start collecting all the fun stuff!

mamarobinwhite said...

What a generous giveaway! My two little girls would love having their lunches packed with these!
mamarobinwhite at yahoo dot com

Aimee said...

I have just recently learned about bento (in the last 2 weeks)! And I am thrilled. I am so interested in making this part of our family lunch fare. I am sure my toddler would go nuts over your generous give away. Thanks for inspiration!

Laura said...


I'm not so comfortable with posting my full email address online as it just makes it easy for spammers to find new email addresses, so here's mine. Just replace AT with @ and dotcom with .com


(btw, that's a zero in lewz0r, not an "o")

Will post a link on my blog in a few minutes.



Anonymous said...

awesome contest!

texas, US

LaLa Brat said...

That looks awesome!
Boston, MA

WaffleGirl said...

Oooo! Just when I was updating all my sidebar links, too!

It's WaffleGirl, from Melbourne Australia =)

I will post about you post-haste (ah-hahaha!) on my newbie blog ay-sap, on which I have already linked you.

You can email me through there!

MichelleJ said...

Ooooh, fun stuff - I alreaady Bento for my 3 girls, though my youngest and I eat ours at home. They are so great for park and museum trips! I'm in the US -Iowa. My blog post is here:

Michelle. P.S. Could Maisie have an earache? My middle child has a HIGH pain tolerance, so we didn't know she had an earache until after she'd been waking in the middle of the night for a week and we finally took her in. It's more uncomfortable when they lie down... good luck!

Gail said...

Fabulous !!! Congrats on 100th Bento.

I'm in the good ole USA !

Mel said...

I have always admired those adorable bentos! What a great give-away.

ladycreates said...

Thanks for doing this contest! I hope you feel better soon.
I live in the U.S. and my e-mail is writetome.blogger at

Stephanie said...

I love your bento's inspiration to all. I live in the Uk and its hard to get bento stuff our here so I would love to win. Fingers crossed

Maggie said...

I live in the States. I just found your blog and can't wait to explore!

Congrats on 100! Thank you for hosting this amazing giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Bento bento bento bento bento bento bento bento bento bento bento


Hi, Joanna livin in Canada. :) Been doing bento about a 3 months now. Love it, need to do it more often. Only have only little box so for, hoping to build on that. :)

Congrats on your 100!

HomeSchool Mommy said...

I LOVE Bentos!!! I have a home daycare and find they eat just about anything if I cut it and dress it just right. Everything HAS to be cute! I don't have any of those fun things in your giveaway, so I'm crossing my fingers I win. :)

I'm in Oklahoma, USA, by the way. Since I have a blog, I'm hoping you'll excuse me from leaving my e-mail address?

Allie and Hannah said...

Congrats on you 100th bento!! I have bit of a picky eater at home
too. So I look forward to seeing
all your new bento creations for
some ideas on what to feed my
Allie! Thanks for doing this

Sindy from AZ ( US)

Tamara said...

Been reading your blog for a while. I love the Bento idea- and when my daughters have to take lunch to school- thats the way I'm going to do it.
Thanks for having this give-away!

Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

Lisa you know i wanna win LOL.. I am amassing a nice collection of Bento material and ideas. I hope I can add this to the stockpile. I can't wait to get started Bentoing LOL is that a verb?

Susan at

Anonymous said...

Hello ! I'm Silvia and I'm from Slovakia. Congratulations on your 100th bento. This blog is really lovely. Keep up a good work. ^-^

desude said...

I love the red thing with a face...
I am a secret bento fan!

country: US

Alissa said...

These are pretty impressive. My kids love the bento containers, even with mundane sandwiches. Just the cute containers get them excited.

Lindsey Lu said...

Congrats! I'm a beginner Bento! I would love to win this set! It's so adorable.

My email is
I'm from Columbus, OH
And I posted about your giveaway on my LJ:

Julie said...

It's incredible that you take the time to not only make the bento daily but you photograph it too! Well done! I have 1 bento box and a couple of animal picks that I ordered on eBay. I love Ichiban Kan but they do not ship to Canada. :o(

Happy Bento-ing!

Girl said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for sharing your experiences with Maisie's bentos. I find it inspiring that the bentos has encouraged yr daughter to be more adventurous with food - as I am struggling how to get my toddler to eat properly. Thanks, and congratulations on your 100th bento, and the ideas. Appreciate it.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

jenarow said...

I love these. My son would love these too. He is a very picky eater and is allergic to milk and soy protein. I pack every single day, every single occasion because otherwise he pays dearly for it for days. Okay, and I'm that weirdo that doesn't like any of my food touching so these things are perfect. Maybe I'll keep them for me!

jenarow said...

OK, my e-mail is and I live in the US.

Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

Thanks for all your help on bento eating. I love your blog. I have gone back to the first one and read them all. Maisie is so cute and adorable I couldn't help myself. I would love to start giving Bento lunches to my 8 grandkids.

Bless you,
Miss Lila in Atlanta

lartdejournalier said...

Congratulations! These are beautiful!

I have posted about your giveaway on my blog and am adding you as a sidebar link for my friends!

My name is Karen.
my email is

my blog is

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say, I'm in the United States.

-Karen at

Jackie said...

Hi, there. First time at your site and I just love it. Please enter me in your contest. My email address is:

And I have posted about your giveaway on my own blog at:

Thanks a bunch!

And oh, yeah, I'm in Sugar Grove, PA, USA

Deb, Joe, Keeva said...

My daughter has been asking to bring a packed lunch to school for the longest time, I just didn't think I had the I have 100 ideas:) I'd never heard of Bentos before but I'm goign shopping soon. Thanks!!

Deb, Joe, Keeva said...

Sorry forgot my address

Anonymous said...

Hi i have been following maisies blog since we had the secret pal swap. I would love to start making bentos.
Victoria California, USA

popo said...

I love Bento and have sent my little Chinese sweetie who now lives in Thailand Bento boxes. Looking forward to making them for her this summer. Signed: Her Popo

Laura J. said...

I am sad as I do not have a blog, but will be happy to link you on my facebook account. :)


日月神教-向左使 said...
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