Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bento #230

Today was Maisie's first day of regular gymnastics camp and since she'd be at the gym from 9am-3PM she needed not only her lunch but a snack too.  Her best buds K & A are attending camp this week with her so I had to include some extra treats for them too, thus the two extra marshmallow ice cream cones.

Snack today consisted of raisins and Whales.  For lunch Maisie had cheese pizza, grapes, jelly and a marshmallow ice cream cone.  The additional marshmallow ice cream cones were for K & A.

Maisie ate all of her lunch except for a bit of the pizza crust.  For snack she only ate her raisins but said that Coach Lenny shared some of his crackers with her so she didn't eat her own.  She started eating the Whales on the drive home but she was tuckered out and fell asleep.  She had an awesome first day of camp and can't wait to go back again on Thursday.


Julie said...

How do you handle re-heating for items like maccaroni? Does she eat it cold or are your bento containers microwave-able?

Just curious!


mochadoo said...

Maybe you already answered this, but where did you get that awesome hello kitty box??!! Thanks!

AmyDe said...

What are/where do you purchase the "jellies" you pack for Maisie. Those are very cute!

I am super glad to find your blog and discover we're 'neighbors'. Awesome!


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