Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bento #32

Today was Maisie's first day back at school and thankfully she had a wonderful day. This is a new bento box for her and she loves it. Her bento included quail eggs on a nest of udon noodles with medium-sweet soy sauce, sesame oil and sesame seeds, a slice of kamaboko, chicken and vegetable dumplings, grapes and Florecitas.

The grapes, half of the kamaboko and a few Florecitas went uneaten from this bento.


M3 said...

Aw, sweet back to school lunch! Shoot, that's way better than MY lunch today. I ate Jack in the Box.

Catherine said...

mmmm! Do you ship to Canada? I'd love a Bento lunch each day...that somebody else is creative enough to think up and make!

Beverly said...

does she really eat quail eggs?

3lilangels said...

Love the effect of quail eggs on the udon. It really look like a bird's nest. Love the new bento box too.

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