Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bento #87

Totally boring but Maisie ate every drop and that's what really counts!

Toasted cheese sandwich, fruity jelly & raisins.

Not a single Maisie approved fruit or veg can be found in our house, time to restock and make her bentos interesting again.


Yana M. said...

Are those fruity jellys tasty? I've seen some at my local store, but they only sell them in huge tubs and I don't want to buy them if they're overly sweet or sugary or anything.

Lisa~~ said...

Yana, I've never tried the jellies so I couldn't tell you how they taste but Maisie loves them and always wants more than one so they probably are very sweet and fruity tasting.

Anne said...

I like the Hello Kitty box... I've been looking for one that isn't like $45! Oh...and thanks for the heads up on the Disney Store boxes. Rachel and I went there yesterday and she picked out some boxes for herself. I really like them, too!

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