Monday, August 31, 2009

Bento #143

Per request, a repeat from Friday. Grilled cheese on wheat monster sandwich with mini-marshmallow hair, eyes made of crackers filled with peanut butter and red peanut cracker balls, fairy sprinkle lips, grapes and strawberry jelly.

One peanut butter filled cracker, one red peanut cracker ball, a few grapes and a wee bit of crust remained uneaten. Overall a good eating day for my girl.

I love being asked questions about bentos and how Maisie eats them. Unfortunately, many times the person asking the question leaves no way for me to personally contact them to respond. Please continue to ask questions but if possible, please leave me a way to contact you with an answer. Also, check out the sidebar for bento questions and answers as I try to post and answer all the questions there. Thank you for your interest and following along with us.


stella the teacher said...

Your blog is so inspiring! I'm all grown up but now i want to have bento boxes for lunch.

8mm to dvd said...

The pink panda bento is so cute!

download english songs from songgy said...

The sandwich looks adorable!

skin care by alicia said...

I love the monster sandwich!

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