Monday, August 17, 2009

Bento #134

Chicken & corn dumplings, ham flower, honeydew melon with apple fruit leather letters & numbers and a fruit jelly.

We haven't made any bentos for the past two weeks because Maisie and I were off, home playing together and enjoying our last two weeks of summer vacation. Today though was Maisie's first day of kindergarten!! My wee little Maisie looked so tiny standing next to all the other students, it was difficult to leave her. She though loved school, had a FABU first day, can't wait to go back and did a wonderful job eating her bento finishing all but a couple of pieces of the melon. I love wonderful days and successful bentos!


3lilangels said...

Glad she had a great start at kindy.

Shannon said...

My goodness! Is that the same little girl waving in her referral photo? Always lovely but she sure has blossomed! Wonderful picture!

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