Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bento #203

Mac & Cheese, quail eggs with gim faces & broccoli hair, strawberry jelly & grapes.

Maisie didn't eat the eggs but ate the gim faces and she also left most of the broccoli. No reason given and she didn't want to eat any of it later on. I think it was just the day as she really didn't eat much at dinner time so I'm guessing just a not-all-that-hungry day.


I used to be a person said...

That is so cute! I've never had quail eggs. What do they taste like? Where do you buy them?

C'est moi said...

Hi Lisa. It's been so long. I haven't been blogging or checking blogs. Keevas eating got so bad that she basically stopped eating and lost a lot of weight so my time was consumed with doctors and hospitals. All seems to be on the mend though, thankfully. I hope to start sending bentos with her again next week. I need some inspiration though and I think I need some new supplies.
I love the quail egg faces, that's one I'll be trying:). I look forward to catching up!

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