Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bento #104

Tuna salad on saltines "sandwiches", broccoli bites and raisins.

When I picked Maisie up from school she told me to look in her bento box because she ate everything and sure enough she had. Another successful bento.

Jenna asked: "How many boxes do you have? They are so cute."
Thank you Jenna. I probably have twenty bento boxes for Maisie and maybe 8 or 10 others that I use for Eammon and myself. When I go to pack Maisie's bento I have an idea of which shape box I'll need based on what's being packed but I've noticed that I tend to get lazy in choosing the box as I just reach in and grab the shape I want, which is usually on top so many of the boxes lay unused on the bottom of the pile.

Thank you to everyone for your questions, I love receiving them and hope that you continue to ask more. Please check out the Questions & Answers link in the sidebar to read more questions and answers.


3lilangels said...

Brocolli Bites! Too bad they're not sold in Malaysia. Great way to get the kids to eat vegies.

I'm pretty sure you have more than 20 bento boxes for Maisie and all are just too cute for words.

Deb, Joe, Keeva and Dillon said...

I love the flowers with Quail eggs n 90....don't know if I could find Quail eggs though and the ham and cheese ones in 86. Also how did you make the dumpling sandwiches?....way too cute. We are loving the Bentos by the why so thank you!!

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