Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bento #107

Chicken teriyaki meatballs, broccoli & carrots, light ranch dip in the Hello Kitty container and grapes.

On days when Maisie eats everything she's always anxious for me to look inside her bento box as soon I pick her up and we're in the car. Sure enough today she told me to look and all that remained was one itty bitty broccoli floret.


Jboo said...

Good for Maisie!! I have a picky eater -- think I need to get some of those bento boxes and give those a try!


Jenna said...

Yummy! Looks good! Where do you get chicken teriyaki meatballs? Did you make them? They sound so good!

Dawn said...

I am searching here almost daily for Bento advice. Just ordered my first boxes a couple of weeks ago in hopes of getting Miss Picky Knickers to eat more! It's working. Love all your ideas.

Ps. Haven't stopped by for eons and am gobsmacked at how big Maisie is.

Ollie said...

Hello from Texas and the mom of 2 China girls, adopted at the ages of 6 and 11. Both are now 11! I LOVE your blog! I wish I had known about it when my 11 year old first came from China last August. She took the oddest things in her lunch but you have shown me some great choices!

I will be checking back often.

If you are interested in the ups and downs of older kids adoption (mainly up, but school brings us down) my blog is www.asisterforgrace.blogspot.com.

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