Friday, July 31, 2009

Bento #133

Peanut butter on wheat monster sandwich with cheese & semi-sweet chocolate bit eyes, pink fairy sprinkle lips, Pocky hair and a strawberry fruit leather & cupcake hat. On the side are peanut filled cracker balls.

Today was the last day of gymnastics camp and Maisie has been attending with our neighbors K & A so for their final day I made bento for all three of them.

How did they all do with their bento?
K: She ate all but one bite of the sandwich and the cheese eyes.
Maisie: Was the worst eater of the three leaving half her sandwich, a few of the peanut crackers and the cake part of the cupcake...she takes after me just eating the frosting!
A: He did well leaving only about 1/3 of his sandwich and a couple of peanut crackers.

When I picked everyone up from camp they all said that they enjoyed their bentos and then immediately wanted to know if I had ring pops for their treat on the drive home! I'm glad that they all liked their bentos and yes, I did have ring pops for the ride home.

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