Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bento #191

Spinach quiche, carrot sticks, lite ranch dip in the Hello Kitty container, grapes, strawberry jelly and cashews.

Two grapes, two carrot sticks and a few cashews returned home uneaten so a good eating day for my girl.

I've had some new questions asked lately, here are the answers:

"Great blog! My daughter will start 1st grade next year eating lunch there everyday - just wondering, what do other kids eat? How do they react to the bentos? Is it okay to not use an ice-pack? My daughter asked for a thermos for pizza - have you ever seen such a thing? How does Maisie have time to eat so much food? Does she leave her leftovers for you to inspect or does the school ask the kids to do that so the parents know how much the kids ate? Thanks!!! "

Thank you for following along with us. The other children in Maisie's class eat a variety of foods ranging from purchased lunches, to sandwiches or Lunchables. Maisie is the only one who brings a bento and the other children (and the teachers) love to see what Maisie has each day. Maisie's school has pizza day every week and I have offered to purchase pizza for her but Maisie just wants her bento as she tells me that she loves her bentos and that the other children have boring lunches.

I sometimes use an ice pack for Maisie's lunch but generally her insulated bag keeps everything at a good temperature. Also I personally have never seen a thermos for pizza but I've never looked. Maisie is happy eating all her food at room temp, even pizza and noodles.

I list everyday what Maisie is able to finish from her bento during the allotted lunch period and most days she has no problems eating most if not all of her meal. When Maisie finishes eating she just always closes up her bento so I know what she has and has not eaten. Her teachers and school don't ask the children to bring home their leftovers for inspection by the parents.

"Hi - wondering if Maisie eats the ham roll-ups with her hands or a fork. Thanks."

I include a fork and spoon in Maisie's bento but I think that she eats the ham roll-ups with her fingers.

"I loved these ice-cream cones as a child but can't find them anymore! Can you confirm the allergy info on these and where they are made? It didn't say on the website. Thanks."

I do not manufacture the Marshmallow Ice Cream Cones and thus can NOT confirm any allergy information. The brand that I purchase for Maisie has allergy information listed on their website but whatever brand you choose to purchase, it's your responsibility to investigate the allergy information.

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Anonymous said...

Hi - so the food does not get spoiled without an ice-pack for several hours? Where do you buy the mini-cones? Thank you!

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