Thursday, January 1, 2009

Returning soon

It has been FOREVER since my last post and I'm sorry to say it's been that long since I last packed bento. Spending all of November being sick with half of it being in the hospital followed by a lot better December, spending most of that month on the beach in Aruba, didn't have me spending anytime in the kitchen. Maisie returns to school next week and now that I'm feeling better, bentos will be packed and posting will resume. I've missed reading all my favorite bento blogs and can't wait to start catching up again.


Emily said...

Hi Lisa,
Good to hear that you are better now... here's wishing you a full recovery and happy bento-ing for 2009!

Take Care!

Flying Lily said...

Hey I'm glad you are feeling better! That beach in Aruba sounds delightful right now, with our temps at minus 6 and three feet of snow on the ground!

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