Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bento #52

Noodles with Chinese 5-spice chicken, sauteed spinach and yogurt cilantro cream sauce, steamed broccoli, Bombolin cookie, Grape fruity pudding, grapes.

Maisie ate only about half of the chicken noodle mix and told me that she missed her dip for the broccoli today.

For Ani, I get the pudding at the one of my local Asian markets and for the eggs, I have a mold to make the various shapes.

2 comments: said...

Are the puddings shelf stable or need refrigeration?

I think I will have to print a picture and bring it around with me when I check the local Asian shop(s) near me to find them.

Karen said...

Can you post a recipe for the cilantro cream sauce? I just found your blog and everything is so adorable, not to mention delicious-looking! Thanks!

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