Monday, October 20, 2008

Bento #62

Chicken salad & romaine on wheat sandwich cut in thirds, grape fruity pudding, steamed broccoli, roasted pepper with jalapeno hommus*, two Pocky sticks.

* If you haven't tried this brand and especially this flavor of hommus, you should give it a try as it's the best I've ever had and honestly I think it better than what make at home and what I make at home is pretty awesome so this one honestly rocks!!

I don't think that Maisie was particularly hungry at lunch time as she only ate 2/3 of the sandwich and the Pocky sticks. Later in the day she did eat a little of the broccoli & hommus as well as the pudding. For dinner she wanted pancakes so that's what I made for her and even there she only ate a couple of silver-dollar sized ones. Not a stellar day eating wise but hopefully tomorrow will be better...Or maybe she's still coming down from the cake, cake and more cake high of the weekend.

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