Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bento #126

Peanut butter on wheat monster sandwich, Pocky hair, cheese & semi-sweet chocolate eyes, fairy sprinkle lipstick and grapes.

When I picked Maisie up from gymnastics camp today and checked her bento almost all the grapes and all but one bite of the sandwich remained. After a little investigation I found out that at snack time Maisie ate her snack and then one of the other little girls treated Maisie to not one, but two big bags of candy. Needless to say, come lunch time Maisie had no appetite left. Once home Maisie ate her grapes and most of her sandwich but oh the attitude she had after a day filled with too much sugar.

Tomorrow morning, obscenely early, Maisie and I are off to visit friends in Salt Lake City so more bentos next week when Maisie returns to camp.


3lilangels said...

Cute monster, especially with this bento box. My boy also gets hyper with too much sugar. Have a good trip!

Lunch Buckets said...

Have a safe trip!

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