Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bento #127

BBQ meatballs, carrot coins, melon* & a brownie bite.

Maisie finished off everything in her bento but that was no surprise as it was all her favorite foods.

We had a FABU time in SLC (see SLC posts here, here & here) but it's always nice to come home. We're now getting back into the usual swing of things and as Maisie's back at gymnastics camp bentos will resume.

* I wish that I knew what kind of melon this is because it's amazingly wonderful. On the outside it looks like a cantaloupe but the fruit is green like a honeydew and it does have a honey flavor to it. Our Gardener Tim planted various melons in our garden and this was the first one to ripen. Next time Tim is here I'll have to find out the type of melon it is as I definitely want to plant it (which really means have Tim plant it) again next year.

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